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I use demeter 0.9.14. In athena, I marked the phase correction field, but no change of R space curve was found.
In artemis, the phase correction field is gray and can not be marked.



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would be nice if you would specify you question/problem.
I use Artemis and Athena, both 0.8.xxx
In Athena I mark the field of "Phase correction" in the window of Forward Fourier transform.
In Artemis you have to load first experimental data and the Feff paths, then in the card of experimental data (you mark experimental data) in the window of "other parameters" you select the "path to use for phase correction"


W dniu 13-02-19 16:52, wangshaofeng at iae.ac.cn pisze:

Hi Bruce,

How can I open the phase correction function in fitting using demeter athena and artemis?



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