[Ifeffit] Open post-doc position in Korea

Deok-Yong Cho zax at snu.ac.kr
Sun Feb 3 20:28:35 CST 2013

Dear Ifeffit users:

To whom interested in post-doc position in Korea: 

A two-year contract post-doc position is open in the Center for Functional Interfaces of Correlated Electron Systems (CFI-CES), Institute for Basic Science (IBS), located in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. 

We expect he/she will perform spectroscopic analysis including IR spectroscopy (Spectroscopic ellipsometry and FT-IR) at the institute and synchrotron experiments such as soft/hard x-ray absorption spectroscopy and XAFS analysis for new functional oxide materials (mainly strongly-correlated electron system).

Please find enclosed document for more details.

Best Regards,

Deok-Yong Cho
Spectroscopy team in CFI-CES, 
Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Seoul National University
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