[Ifeffit] Fwd: Re: Demeter deglitch problem

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Dec 12 13:20:05 CST 2013

Sathish, Bruce,

On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Bruce Ravel <bravel at bnl.gov> wrote:
> Sathish,
> I'm sorry, Sathish, but I simply don't see this behavior, on any of
> the computers I have tried.
> I have no trouble putting the cursor on the point in question.  It can
> be a little tricky getting the cursor on, for example, one of the
> points from 6750 to 6770.  That is because of the details of the
> algorithm that tries to find the actual data point that is closest to
> whatever point was clicked on.  For a data point that is not a distant
> outlier, pretty good aim is required.
> That said, the two points near 6864 are distant outliers.  Hitting one
> and not the other might be hard, but hitting one of them is easy.
> I am not disputing that you are having trouble.  I am just saying that
> given the data you sent and the explanation you gave, I cannot
> reproduce the behavior, so I don't know what I can do to help.

I made what I thought were two concrete suggestions / observations to Satish,
  a)  I do not see k space data, and think you probably shouldn't either.
  b)  If you just move the mouse around on the plot window,
       do you see the correct coordinates?

I am sure Satish read Bruce's instructions on reporting bugs, but it
would have been polite if he had followed them.  He did not answer the
questions designed to help diagnose the problem. He did not respond
not to the list, but directly to Bruce.  In fact, he asked Bruce if
anyone else had seen the problem!

Satish, it would be very much appreciated if this conversation
remained on the mailing list.   If a problem happens for you, it is
possible that it will happen (or has happened) for someone else.
You'll get much better help and be helping others if you use the
mailing list.


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