[Ifeffit] athena error message.....

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Dec 2 06:45:39 CST 2013

On 11/30/2013 05:17 PM, William Nash wrote:
> Heya Bruce,
> I'm trying to use Athena to process some XANES data from the Diamond
> Synchrotron (UK). I went to the demeter webpage and downloaded/ran the
> installer and the updater. However, when I try to run athena, I get an
> error message:
> (Window Title: "perl.exe - Entry Point Not Found")
> The procedure entry point __gxx_personality_v0 could not be located in
> the dynamic link library libstdc++-6.dll.
> Is this an error you are familiar with? I don't seem to be able to get
> around it. It time permits, would you mind giving me some guidance.
> Grateful thanks,
> William

First off, please use the Ifeffit mailing list


which is the proper place to ask questions about and report problems 
with the software.  As you can see, I have CCed my response to you and 
to the mailing list.  Please continue correspondence on this topic via 
the mailing list.

The most likely source of this problem is the one discussed here


that is, that you have another version of MinGW installed on your 
computer, either that you yourself installed or that was installed by 
another application.  This fellow, for example, had installed GnuPG and 
this triggered a similar conflict to what you see.


Another possible problem is that you have another version of perl itself 
installed on you computer, again possibly as part of the installation of 
another package.


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