[Ifeffit] crystal analyzer and microprobe

Matthew Marcus mamarcus at lbl.gov
Fri Aug 16 13:36:13 CDT 2013

Yup, the idea is indeed to get an absolute ratio.  Not only that, but these are particles of size greater than the absorption depth of the Ni
fluorescence in the Fe matrix, but not MUCH greater.  The approach we've taken here is to plot the count ratio va. Fe counts as we move on the
sample, and extrapolate to 0 counts.  I'll pass the info to the interested parties.

On 8/16/2013 11:04 AM, Matt Newville wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> On Aug 16, 2013 11:53 AM, "Matthew Marcus" <mamarcus at lbl.gov <mailto:mamarcus at lbl.gov>> wrote:
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>  > I know that this is somewhat off-topic, but the list reaches all the right people.  I have some collaborators who are looking to measure
>  > the Ni/Fe ratio is particles of Fe-rich material.  This ratio is << 1, and they need a non-destructive probe.  A microprobe with a crystal
>  > analyzer would do the job nicely.  Here at ALS, we have the microprobe, but not the analyzer.  Can anyone recommend a beamline that has both?
>  > I'm pretty sure there's at least one at APS; a beamline number and a name would help a lot.  Thanks.
>  >         mam
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> Both GSE (13 IDE) and PNC (20 IDC) have wavelength dispersive spectrometers that could work.  Was the idea to get an absolute ratio?  That can be challenging for large dynamic ranges with any detector, but can be done.
> --Matt
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