[Ifeffit] issues with Athena (new Demeter package)

Adrian Gainar adrian.gainar at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Mon Aug 12 10:29:58 CDT 2013

Hi All,

I experience two issues with Athena of the updated new Demeter package, which it would be easier to describe:

1) when I open successively two .prj files that contain each a fitted spectrum, Athena seems to remember only the positions, widths and amplitudes of arctan and gaussian curves  of the spectrum I open first; this translates to the fact that for the other fitted spectra that I open afterwards, it remembers the peak positions, widths and amplitudes of the curves belonging to the initially opened spectrum. The result of this issue is that I need to enter manually each time these values in order to get the fits back again - do you have any suggestions how this can be fixed?;
2) another issue is that after spectra calibrations, the spectrum does not appear to be calibrated. More specifically, when one checks the centroid positions of arctan or gaussian curves directly on the spectrum, the values don't correspond with the ones in the boxes, which I believe that means the calibration did not happen after all.

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions or ideas!

Best wishes,

Adrian Gainar

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