[Ifeffit] Some doubts about Artemis

Miguel A. Gómez miguel.gomez at ica.csic.es
Mon Aug 5 16:06:51 CDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I have two doubts about the use of the Artemis software:

1) Is it possible to use the coordination number of one path (N) as a  
variable? Because I tried to do it, but I am unable to write any  
letter in the path parameters set.

2) When I change the 'Fourier transform parameters' in order to  
perform a new fit, the  "window range" (green line) in the plotting  
screen wont change the range (at least visually) and remains between  
the defaut values (r from 1 to 3 or k from 2 to 10). Is there any form  
to modify this?

Thank you in advance,

Miguel Angel Gomez Gonzalez

PhD. Student
Institute of Agricultural Sciences (ICA)
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

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