[Ifeffit] data point limits in Athena?

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I thought the default value for compiled-in array length limit in Ifeffit was 8192.  I am not at work today, so I cannot look at the machine where I compile Ifeffit for the Demeter package.  Perhaps it is smaller.  I can look tomorrow.

Of course, there isn't much more I can say or do with your problem.  Your email is another one of those that makes me sound like a scratched record saying the same damn thing over and over again.  If you don't provide an example that allows me to reproduce your problem on my computer, you cannot expect me to actually do anything about it.  Here's a formula simple enough to commit to memory:

  example + clear recipe = actionable bug report

  no example + no recipe = whiny user


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does someone now if there is a limit of data points for Athena/Athena-Demeter?

I have realized that a XAFS data file containing about 2500 data points is not read in properly in Athena (v. 0.8.061) and is started at zero energy and cutted of before the end of the data rows in Athena-Demeter v. 0.9.9, whereas the same file reduced to about 1600 data points was read in without any problems in both Athena versions.

I hope that someone has an idea about the reason(s) and how to manage the read in of such data without prior treatment?

Using the binning mode or truncation (to cut off the zero energy point, that occured when reading in with Demeter 0.9.9), did not succeed because the data were not treated correctly during the import.

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