[Ifeffit] "deglitch many points" in D-Athena

Jeremy Thorbahn thorbahn at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:33:00 CDT 2012

Hi Bruce,

I noticed on the github to-do list you've written "plot margin lines for
deglitching, deglitch many points" under the "weird stuff" section.
just for clarification, is that to say that the deglitch many points
feature is something you'd prefer not to implement? I attempted to use it
earlier but noticed it was greyed out.
I can get by without it, but would probably end up swapping project files
between the old Athena and D-Athena to eliminate a few points of high-k
glitching at once.

The main point of my question: is this not a feature many people use? It
seems awfully convenient to quickly tidy up data.

Thanks as always,


Jeremy Thorbahn
thorbahn at gmail.com
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