[Ifeffit] DORIS III operation ended

Edmund Welter edmund.welter at desy.de
Tue Oct 23 02:35:25 CDT 2012

Dear fellow XAFS user,

yesterday (October 22^nd 2012, 8 am) the DORIS III storage ring in
Hamburg was switched of for good. That means our 3 EXAFS beamlines are
left without photons and user operation at these beamlines had to end.
In the next 2 years we will build 2 new EXAFS beamlines at the PETRA III
storage ring that will hopefully equally well serve the demands of our
large user community as the 3 closed beamlines did during the last 20+

I know this mailing list is mainly about software and number crunching,
but I thought the end of operation of a machine that produced so many
beautiful numbers to be crunched with IFEFFIT/Athena/Artemis etc. might
justify a short notice on this list.

Anyway, to close the circle to the software, the end of user operation
of HASYLAB's DORIS beamlines finally gives our users the chance to use
this software and produce many nice papers during the coming months
(Ah,wait, that was something different, New York, July 1977 :-).

I am looking forward to see you all back at our PETRA extension
beamlines in autumn 2014! Let me close this mail with the last line of
data ever measured at the A1 EXAFS beamline:

7893.277    0   0    0   0   0   0    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   
5.489   13.22

Best regards,

Edmund Welter

Dr. Edmund Welter      Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron

Notkestr. 85            Email: edmund.welter at desy.de
D-22607 Hamburg         Phone: +49 40 8998 4510
Germany                 Fax  : +49 40 8998 2787

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