[Ifeffit] Help: some operation using Athena and Artemis

Bingjie Ouyang jessicaoy89 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 18:44:05 CDT 2012

Hi, I just joined the mailing list recommended by a friend, I hear this is
a really good place to communicate and learn. So I'm here, actually I need
help for some basic questions on Iffeffit software:

1, In Athena, how to make a fourier transform draft?

2, In Artemis, since I was told that each shell in R-space can be fitted
separatly, is it OK to fit each shell in the R-range respectively, and then
join up the fitted curve and just ignore the not match part in other
R-ranges? And can a shell be comprised of several different paths (like
Fe-O and Fe-S)?

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Bingjie Ouyang
School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Nanjing University
22nd Hankou Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210093
P. R. China

Email: jessicaoy89 at gmail.com
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