[Ifeffit] news + 0.9.13

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Oct 2 13:25:52 CDT 2012


I just gave Demeter's homepage a make-over.  It's looking quite nice:


Links for downloading the windows packages are on the left.

I also just posted version 0.9.13 on the downloads site and tagged the
source code.

I am trying something new with this release.  Rather than rebuilding
the whole Windows installer package with each release, I am now making
Windows updater packages.

It works like this:

  * Whenever I make a big change to Demeter or any of its
    dependencies, I will release a new Windows installer package.

  * For bug fixes and feature enhancements, I will release a new
    updater package.

  * The updater should be installed ON TOP OF the installer package.

The current installer is Demeter 0.9.12.

The current updater will update that to 0.9.13.

If you have already installed 0.9.12 on your Windows computer, simply
download and run the updater.

If you have not yet installed 0.9.12, download both packages.  Run the
installer first, then run the updater.

If that is not clear, everything is explained in detail at


This update fixes all of the problems that were reported last week on
the mailing list.  Here is the list of changes:




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