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> My name is Daniel Whittaker, I am PhD student at the University of
> Manchester, UK. I have used your Demeter software (Athena and Artemis - i
> used the first shell fit method as reading in crystal data was very
> problematic) to model some EXAFS data. I am now preparing the manuscript
> for publication and was wondering how you would like referencing (other
> than Bruce Ravels Demeter software package) and if there is anything in
> particular you would like in the experimental section about how the
> software works? I have looked on your page and couldn't seem to find
> anything that explicit requests referencing in a particular format.

 Ravel, B. & Newville, M. athena and artemis: data analysis for X-ray
 absorption spectroscopy using ifeffit, Journal of Synchrotron
 Radiation 12, 537–541 (2005) http://dx.doi.org/10.1107/S0909049505012719

> Thanks for your help with this and for producing the package in the first
> place, as someone who knew literally nothing when i started i have managed
> to model quite a few spectra to a satisfactory level.
> Regards,
> Daniel Whittaker, MChem
> Nuclear FiRST DTC PhD Student
> The University of Manchester
> Oxford Road
> Manchester
> M13 9PL


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