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If my memory is correct there was a period of time you were taking request 
for improvements on Athena. This may be too late however I would like to 
see the LCF function of Athena capable of running multiple models 
(sequential models e.g. Sample A followed by B, C...) using a similar set 
of standards. For instances, I may have 25-40 spectra (environmental 
samples), one set of standards which may be plausible, and currently I 
have to run the model wait for the LCF model for sample A to finish before 
starting Sample B. If there was a way to write a script or add the 
functionality of multiple scans from the same set of standards, I (and 
maybe others) could set up a computer and leave for several hours instead 
of returning every 5-30 mins to execute a new LCF model. A conversation 
was posted about running models with a large number of standards (and 
whether it was appropriate), similarly running multiple samples is 

In a related comment I have tried to take advantage of access to high 
speed computing, but Athena's code does not appear to be capable of taking 
advantage of increased resources (either RAM and CPU) in order to decrease 
computational time. 

 All the same thanks (to the many of you working on Ifeffit) for the 
shareware and all your support. 

Thanks for your time.

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