[Ifeffit] Corrupt .apj file

Heinzel, John M CIV NSWCCD Philadelphia, 985 john.heinzel at navy.mil
Wed Feb 22 15:11:44 CST 2012


I was working on a number of different structures (Atoms pages and then FEFF input files), when one got "stuck" for some reason.  While I've saved my file all the way through, the one structure that is causing an issue always makes Artemis get stuck (computer is totally fine but Artemis is unresponsive and CPU use goes to 100%) now, IF I click on it.  Leave it alone and Artemis is fine, and I can work on the other theory sets.

Since I cannot click on the one atoms/FEFF data set that I want to get rid of (without Artemis getting stuck, that is), is there an alternate way to edit .apj files so that I can remove the problem atoms/FEFF listing so that the file can remain functional?

FYI, I'm running Artemis in iEXAFS 3.0.3 on OSX 10.7, if that helps.


John Heinzel

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