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Hi Julian


There are several (Au)x(Pd)y alloy structures in the ICSD (Inorganic Crystal
Structure Database) of FIZ Karlsruhe
 If I remember correctly the space
group for AuPd (x =1 and y = 1) is FM3-M, so you may in fact be able to
generate a file by yourself


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Dear ifeffit-list members,

I'm looking for an AuPd CIF (crystal information file). I couldn't find one
at the Crystallography Oben Database (www.crystallography.net
<http://www.crystallography.net/> ) or at the mailing-list archive. I've
seen measurements at AuPd-foil published, so I think there meight also exist
an CIF. Would be nice, if someone could give me a hint.

Thanks for your kind help, 



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