[Ifeffit] CLnorm Background - Possible Bug?

Ashley Norris ashley.norris at earth.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 10 05:13:46 CST 2012

Dear All,

I was going to post this directly to Bruce, but the website asks for 
feedback to be directed to the list, so here it is.

I'm a novice Athena user, but so far have found it to work very well for 
my needs. What I am writing about is that I have a problem with the 
CLnorm background routine: when there is a pre-edge peak present the 
edge is assigned to this peak position, instead of to the true edge 
position. I have attached a sample spectrum that shows exactly what I mean.

Is there any way to work around this? Is it a limitation of the software 
or a bug?

Is it even a problem? ...see, novice! :)

It is particularly surprising to me because the marker (orange circle) 
shows the E0 position correctly, but the CLnorm routine is ignoring 
this...which is why I'm suspicious that it could be a bug. If CLnorm 
used this E0 position for its edge then everything would be well.

I'm not jumping up and down in despair here as AutoBK will serve my 
immediate needs for now, but for what I want to do I am suspecting that 
CLnorm will be better*.

Thanks again for a great program and all of the development work that 
has gone into it,


*open to suggestions as to why I am wrong about this.

Ashley Norris
Experimental Petrology
Department of Earth Sciences
Oxford University, UK
ashley.norris at earth.ox.ac.uk
+44 1865 272 051

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