[Ifeffit] Sudden Difficulty with Importing Data into Athena

Tony Kelly tkelly72 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 21:06:17 CST 2012

> George Sterbinsky <GeorgeSterbinsky <at> u.northwestern.edu> writes:

> Tony, You ask "are there hidden files I should remove as well that aren't
removed...?" I do find a "Perl" folder in my "Library" folder. I'm not sure if
this was installed by iXAFS or affects iXAFS...George

Thank you for your continued effort to help.  You're right, I found this as
well.  Even as root user, some of the files there seemed pretty protected, but I
was able to *move* them out and into a folder on my Desktop.  I then attempted
to reinstall iXAFS.  Unfortunately, it did not fix the problem.  So I put them
back.  I have also attempted to take the iXAFS that I know works another another
Snow Leopard installation that I have been using, and copy it directly onto the
Macbook Pro (the one having the issues).  This did not work.

I have now attempted the following:

1.  Reinstalled XCode (some of the errors from the command line run seemed to
hint at a problem with dynamic libraries and fortran).  Sadly, this did not fix
the problem.

2.  I then used Disk Utility to repair permissions.  Interestingly, there were
some Perl permissions that were in error, but they weren't the source of the

I HAVE noticed something unusual though that might hint at other "hidden" files.
 I have noticed that when I un-install iXAFS by dragging to the trash, then
emptying the trash... and then reinstalling, that iXAFS "remembers" the old path
that I wanted it to use to point for default projects or files.  If I was doing
a clean install, I would expect this line to be pointing at the default setting
of Documents, but it isn't.  So it must still remember something from the old

I am unfortunately running out of ideas, and the only thing I can think of next
is to attempt to check for Repairs through a boot disk... and barring all else,
scavenging all my important information or data, then wiping out the Macbook for
a clean re-install.  It wouldn't be too bad, except for those who have compiled
ROOT and GEANT from source, you know how long that can take :-)

Thanks again for those who have helped and been patient trying to help me find
the problem.

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