[Ifeffit] plotting backends in Demeter

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Dec 18 12:54:39 CST 2012


This afternoon I noticed that someone who goes by the handle
"khuonggit" posted a question at David Hughes' gist about installing
Demeter on Ubuntu.  


I hope he is reading this mailing list.

khuonggit asked:

   I am beginner in EXAFS. I tried to install Demeter in Ubuntu 12.04
   64 bit following the guidance here and the installation was
   successful. However, when I tried to open (d)athena and import some
   data, the default plotting backend is PGPLOT, not GNUPLOT. Could
   you please show me how to change it to GNUPLOT ?

Good question.  In the time since khuonggit posted that question, I
have modified the build script to attempt to detect the presence of
gnuplot and modify Demeter's configuration accordingly.  Hopefully,
this will become a non-issue in the future.

The plotting backend can be set by hand at any time in any of the GUI
programs by editing the preferences.  In Athena, choose "Preferences"
from the main menu.  In Artemis, choose "Edit preferences" from the
file menu.  In Hephaestus, click on the Configure icon at the bottom
left.  Once at the preferences tool, select "Plot" then "plotwith".
Select "gnuplot" then click "Apply and save".



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