[Ifeffit] Beryllium and EXAFS

Clayton, Gina ClaytonG at njhealth.org
Mon Dec 17 17:23:40 CST 2012

Hi there

I am trying to find out more about EXAFS. I am a protein crystallographer.  

I want to identify the environment of a beryllium ion in the protein, I work with,  of which I have a crystal structure.  EXAFS was recommended as a good technique for identification of the beryllium site and species. The beryllium is an acidic pocket of the protein surrounded by oxygens from the protein, likely covalently bound. However I have had  zero result finding a beam line that can tune their setups to the Be edge at 111 eV. Also some EXAFS users say that EXAFS technique would be good for working out the environment of the Be but some say it would not . In particular  I have been advised that  Be EXAFS would not be useful since  the Be  EXAFS signal would have unacceptable interference from the carbon K-edge at 285 eV and the oxygen K edge signal at 535 eV. 

Would EXAFS work or something in a similar vein? Or, for instance,  could the acidic pocket be identified using EXAFS, by measuring the oxygens (instead of the Beryllium) using the protein with and without beryllium?

Thank you so much for any advice. 


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