[Ifeffit] Help: Artemis closes without error message when open .cif file

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Dec 10 09:48:21 CST 2012


It would be helpful to me to see an example of a CIF file that
triggers this problem.  If you are running on Windows, then I would
also like to see the contents of the %APPDATA%\demeter\dartemis.log
file.  See 


If you are a linux user, I would need to see the messages sent to the
terminal, which requires running the program from the terminal rather
from some launcher widget.

As I have said many times before on this mailing list, CIF support is
rather weak at this time.  I am using a CIF parsing tool written by
someone else and it has its problems.  That said, as people report
these problems, I am able to build more smarts into Demeter so that it
at least deals gracefully with a CIF file it doesn't understand.


On Monday, December 10, 2012 03:42:27 PM jiahui wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am having this problem when I try to open the crystal structure file in
> .cif format. I've tried many times already--each time when I try to open the
> crystal structure file in *.cif format, both (D)Atoms and (D)Artemis will
> close by themselves without any error message.
> What can I do to solve this problem and carry on with my work? I am using
> Demeter 0.9.13 version.
> Thank you very much for your help,
> [jiahui]
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