[Ifeffit] XANES-2012 short course at Brookhaven

Anatoly I Frenkel afrenke2 at yu.edu
Fri Aug 10 10:48:47 CDT 2012

Dear IFEFFIT subscribers:

Please find below the information about the short course on X-ray absorption spectroscopy that will be organized at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Nov. 8-10, 2012
Either follow the link in the bottom of the NSLS web page: http://www.nsls.bnl.gov
or go directly to the course web site: http://workshops.ps.bnl.gov/default.aspx?w=XANES2012
The short course in X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy will be offered on November 8-10 at the NSLS. To qualify for admission, participants should have prior background in XAS theory and/or experiment and data analysis. The course will consist of lectures, in-class demonstrations and hands-on data analysis sessions.  The lectures cover the XANES fundamentals, surveys recent developments in theory and data analysis, the commonly used computer codes (FEFF and others), data modeling techniques, and specific applications of XANES to research problems.  

The course enrollment is limited to 30 participants.
Application deadline: September 30, 2012. 

Best regards,
Anatoly Frenkel
Yeshiva University

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