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sometimes norm(E) can have a range quite a bit larger than 0-1, 
especially when dealing with L-edge spectra with strong white lines. 
Remember, normalization only sets the post-edge data (in the energy 
range where your post-edge normalization polynom is defined) to average 
around 1.

As usual, it would be good if you could send a (small) project file or 
screen shot visualizing the problem. It's hard to guess if there's 
anything wrong with your data without seeing it...

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On 07.08.2012 15:33, Marie Zwetsloot wrote:
> *Is there a way through which I can control that my norm(E) only has a
> range from 0-1? Right now, some of my scans go from 0 - 3 after having
> normalized them. It seems that most people publish their data only
> ranging from 0-1..? . Is there a difference between the two?*
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