[Ifeffit] New Demeter Win7 install (?) problems

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Apr 23 10:49:41 CDT 2012

On Monday, April 23, 2012 10:57:41 am Latta, Drew E. wrote:
> I am having issues with getting the new Demeter release for Windows to work
> on my Win7 machine.  The install program runs just fine and drops
> shortcuts to Artemis, Athena, Atoms, and Hephaestus on my
> desktop.  However, when I click on the shortcuts to run these programs I
> get a very quick flash of a command line window saying something to the
> effect of: "The system cannot find the path specified."
> The shortcuts on the desktop point to, for
> example:  "C:\demeter\perl\site\bin\dathena.bat" and there are batch files
> in the specified location with what appears to be useful text in them.
> Note that I get the same issue if I un-install and re-install to the
> default C:\strawberry directory. Running the batch files from their actual
> directory does the same thing, suggesting to me that the problem lies
> somewhere deeper than I have the wherewithal to de-bug.
> Did I miss a crucial step somewhere?

I don't think so.  But it does underscore two problems with the
installer that I need to address.

Problem #1: It seems that I have not sufficiently well tested
relocating the installation away from C:\strawberry.  For the time
being, you will need to live with it being in that location.

Problem #2 is a symptom of problem #1.  Go to the location of the
demeter.ini file.  On your Win 7 computer, it should be in


where <username> is your login name.  Delete the "demeter.ini" file.
Try firing up one the programs -- Athena, for example, again.  Let me
know if that works.  If not, send me the "dathena.log" file that is in
the same folder as "demeter.ini".

Thaks for your patience.  It is always challenging to get new software
to a stable state.  It really helps that you are willing to report
about your problems.



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