[Ifeffit] first "official" relezse of my new software

BradleyW Miller Miller.BradleyW at epamail.epa.gov
Fri Apr 20 21:32:44 CDT 2012

Thanks for your willingness and hard work putting together this
shareware. Any and everyone who uses it should cite it in future

Bradley W. Miller, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Fellow
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division
5995 Center Hill Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45224-1702

Office:   (513) 487-2889            Miller.BradleyW at epa.gov
Fax:       (513) 569-7879            www.epa.gov


The great tragedy of Science—the slaying of beautiful hypothesis by an
ugly fact.— Thomas H. Huxley

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