[Ifeffit] Path file does not exist

Yvonne Grunder yvonne.grunder at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Apr 20 06:59:48 CDT 2012


I have currently a problem with Artemis to fit my data. First, I import 
the paths from the Feff calculation and define my fitting parameters. 
Then I can run the fit exactly one time. If I try to fit the data a 
second time, I get the following error message:
PATH:  Au  ( 9999   1    2.470  ----  @ Au     
@                           2  2 single scattering)
      The path file does not exist (perhaps the Feff
      calculation was not run).
  (and similar for all paths included...).

Did anybody encounter a similar problem (I already reinstalled Demeter)?

Best wishes,

Dr Yvonne Grunder
Chemistry Building - 6.09
School of Chemistry
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL
Tel.: +44 (0)161 306 4568

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