[Ifeffit] XAFS of poly-metals contaminated soil samples

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Hi Xia - please see my comment below

Xia Bing <sweetblues at ...> writes:
> Dear members of the mailing list:
> This year we have applied the synchrotron radiation and get the chance to 
Beijing  Synchrotron Radiation Facility at beamline 1W1B-XAFS. It is the first 
time to use this equipment to measure our samples. We communicate with the 
beamline staff for some guideline and help, but they also do not have much 
experience on soil samples.  Would you like give us some suggestions? If you 
could, can you supply me some resources like sample preparation or others?
> Now I try to use synchrotron radiation to elucidate some phenomenons of heavy 
metals in mining area soil. In my soil sample, the Zn is about 498ppm and the Cu 
is about 562ppm, the first step I focus on Zn but the copper concentration is 
higher than Cu. Will copper  interfere zinc If I use XAFS to measure the Zn? 
> I plan to use fluorescence detection. The Fe in the sample is at high 
concentrations (85g/kg), from some literature that might be an issue. Would you 
like to  give me some suggestions in the sample preparation and measurement?
Just a comment: Be careful with these high concentrations while using 
fluorescence. Be sure to dilute your samples (e.g. with boron nitride) so you 
won't have a self absorption problem. Alternatively, you might use transmission 
mode instead of fluorescence. If you are a beginner (like me), a very good 
review for practical as well as theoretical issues is "Analysis of soils and 
minerals using X ray absorption spectroscopy" (Kelly et al. 2008).
Good luck,

> Thank you very much.
> Best Regards
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