[Ifeffit] problems with athena after installing windows update

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 31 09:33:18 CDT 2011

Hi Regina,

Sorry for the trouble.  Do I understand correctly that you do see a
plot window and some plots from athena, but that once you do "Plot
Components" from the Linear Combination window that the plot window no
longer listens to what athena might be sending?

I'm usually reluctant to speculate, but am wondering if it has
something to do with the text being plotted on the window.
Can you open the Ifeffit Buffer (Edit->Display Ifeffit buffer), select
the text with the plot commands (say, starting with "newplot(....),
copy and paste into a text document and post that?    That would go
for the other project that never plots anything as well.


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