[Ifeffit] problems with athena after installing windows update

kirshstein at googlemail.com kirshstein at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 31 02:39:40 CDT 2011


I installed a security update for microsoft.net framework 4 on xp, server
2003, vista, window 7, server 2008 x86 (kb2572078).

The problem is that since then, the graphics window crashes when I try to
do linear combination fitting and in particular when I choose the option
"plot components".

with "the window crashes" I mean that it does not react to any further
input to athena even though athena says that this or that was plotted,
calculated...The only thing to make the window come alive again is to quit
athena and start it again. but "plot components" and possibly other
commands work every time to make it crash again. For another athena
project, the graphics window becomes completely white and does not react to
any command from the moment on that I choose to open that project, before
even importing a single file into athena.

Does anybody know what to do to make athena work properly again???

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