[Ifeffit] beamline for Al EXAFS

"Dr. Dariusz A. Zając" kicaj at ifj.edu.pl
Tue Oct 11 10:09:44 CDT 2011

For Al:K edge is rather hard to find a dedicated beamline for XAS. Of 
course are few where it can be measured, like in Bessy, Berlin U41-PGM,
  or BL1A in UV-SOR, Okazaki, Japan, or BACH in Elettra, Trieste, 
Itally. I do not how is situation in America, sorry.
In this energy region you have to measure in fluorescence, or which is 
typical, in total electron yield (TEY). The sample, as your is, has to 
be be conductive, and have a good electrical contact with sample holder. 
Experimental geometry depends strongly on the vacuum chamber and 
available instruments. At this energy can be visible effect of surface 
contamination, especially for TEY, but must not. Sometimes LN2 cryostat 
is also available.
is something more to add?

W dniu 11-10-11 16:47, Kompch, Alexander pisze:
> Dear all,
> for the analysis of the location of the Al-dopant in ZnO, I am looking for suitable EXAFS beamlines. Dopant concentrations are 1-10%. So far I have only found ALS 6.3.1 and NSLS X15B.
> Can anybody recommend beamlines for Al EXAFS?
> My EXAFS experience is so far limited to the high energy range with signal detection in transmission (ionization chambers) and fluorescence (multi-element Ge-detectors). At such low energies as 1.5 keV for Al-K, the sample needs to be in vacuum, transmission will not work and Ge detectors probably the same. Does anybody have experience with Al-EXAFS, and can share a little about setup and what other complications to expect?
> Thank you,
> Alex.
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