[Ifeffit] Energy shift

"Dr. Dariusz A. Zając" kicaj at ifj.edu.pl
Wed Oct 5 01:24:16 CDT 2011

could say more precise what kind of energy shift you are talking about? 
the position of the white line or the Enot in Artemis. How big it is? 
Which version of Feff do you use? What do you mean writing "removing 
background carefully"? Background in the EXAFS fit? Any pictures to 
illustrate problem are welcome

W dniu 11-10-05 03:25, JeongEunSuk pisze:
> Hell all
> I have the study for PtO nanoparticles with EXAFS.
> When I fitted the data to model, I had a problem for energy shift.
> I thought that the energy shift obtained from fitting must be below 
> White line. However it was over white line.
> Although I removed background carefully and changed bond length in 
> model, the energy shift was still big.
> I want to know other factors which affect energy shift.
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