[Ifeffit] Absorption versus energy plot

"Dr. Dariusz A. Zając" kicaj at ifj.edu.pl
Tue Oct 4 00:59:02 CDT 2011

Dear Francisco,
after successful simulation with feff9, in the folder where you have 
input file (feff.inp) you should have a file xmu.dat (in windows version)
It is a text file, so you can open it simply with e.g. notepad or import 
to any graphic program. Using Jfeff use simply: menu-->tools-->new plot

W dniu 11-10-03 22:19, Francisco Garcia pisze:
> Dear users,
> Can someone kindly explain how I can obtain the X-ray absorption
> versus energy plot (specifically which file contains the data) in
> FEFF9. I want to depict a single plot where I can clearly show the
> XANES and EXAFS regions.
> Thank you very much.
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