[Ifeffit] SRS data

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Nov 28 16:25:26 CST 2011

On Thursday, November 17, 2011 06:17:22 am Michael Stockenhuber wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thank you very much to the developers for this great software. I have a
> problem with some old SRS station 3.4 data. I cannot read in original data
> with athena. I enclose a data file  r48683.dat )( Al K- edge). I have
> installed DUBBLE, but still does not want to read it. I also would like to
> read in data from station 9.3. This is fluorescence data with a 13 element
> detector and also includes E0 and E1 and I think Em. I enclose a data
> file, r94731.dat ( Cu K-edge). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> DUBBLE.py reads in station 7.1 data. I enclose a datafile (r66946.dat).
> All the best and thank you for the help
> Michael

Hi Michael,

I was on travel when you posted this to the mailing list.  I have
since had a chance to look into the problem.  You are correct that
neither Athena nor the DUBBLE pluguin can handle the examples you
attached.  I have started working on adapting the DUBBLE plugin to
handle your other examples of SRS data (DUBBLE has for years used the
same data acquisition system as the old SRS XAS beamlines).

I'll let you know what I come up with.



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