[Ifeffit] software issues on a 10.1" netbook

Coppage, Ryan H r.coppage at umiami.edu
Fri Nov 4 14:36:30 CDT 2011


I'm a grad student at the University of Miami.

I purchased a dual-core netbook for travel purposes and intended to use IFEFFIT on it. It runs windows 7. When attempting to run athena, the window text will not resize on my screen, to show me the rest of the software window. The bottom half is cut off, and it won't let me move the window out of the screen to see the bottom 1/3 or so. There are no scroll bars to move up or down the athena window, so i cannot even open data to manage.

Has anyone else had issues with this or knows a solution to the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Coppage

Graduate Student

University of Miami

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