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Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Thu May 12 14:18:03 CDT 2011

Something funny is certainly happening as your data are imported from
Athena into Artemis.  The two data sets, which are identical in
Athena, become slightly different when processed by Artemis.  Odd.

I don't yet understand either what is causing the discrepancy nor why
it manifests as a differnce at the high end of the spectrum.

I'll let you know if I figure this out.


On Thursday, May 12, 2011 01:23:47 pm George Sterbinsky wrote:
> Hello,
> I've noticed an odd behavior in Athena and Artemis and I was hoping someone
> could explain it to me.
> I've attached an Artemis file Data3.apj and an Athena file Data4.prj.
> First open Data3.apj. Then from the Artemis file menu choose open, then
> open Data4.prj and import the Data4.xmu file. Now plot the data in k-space
> you will see a slight difference between the two spectra, most noticeably
> above 15 k, so plotting in k^3 is best to see the difference.
> Now close Artemis and don't save. Open Data4.prj with athena and choose to
> import only the file Data4.xmu. Save the project as something else. I saved
> as Data4C.prj, which I have also attached.
> Close Athena and don't save. Open Data3.apj again. Then from the Artemis
> file menu choose open, then open Data4C.prj or whatever you may have named
> the file and import the Data4.xmu file, which should now be the only data
> file in the project. Now plot the data in k-space and you will find that
> the two data sets are now the same. The differences at high k are no
> longer present. Can anyone explain what is going on here?
> Thank you,
> George


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