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Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Mar 21 08:17:39 CDT 2011

Dr. Matsuura,

Here in the States, our news sources are covering the incredible
disaster in Sendai constantly.  Over the weekend, I heard several
stories on the radio about the difficulties that charitable
organizations are having doing their work at this early time, so soon
after the disaster.  There is also much uncertainty about which
charity organizations known to us in the west have well-functioning
operations in Japan.  On top of that, there has been the inevitable
epidemic of false organization masquerading as charitable organization
springing up.

Despite all that, I am confident that there is a genuine concern
outside of Japan for the crisis in Japan and I imagine that many of us
on this mailing list would like to find good places to direct
charitable contributions.

Does Tohoku University have a development or reconstruction fund
which can accept donations from outside of Japan?  If so, that would
be useful information to pass along to the mailing list as well as an
appropriate avenue of charity for the denizens of this mailing list
who have the capacity to do so.

Be strong,

On Monday, March 21, 2011 03:22:47 am 松浦 真 wrote:
> Dear IFFEFIT members
>  I'm a member of this mailing list and I engage in XAFS research in Tohoku
> University, in Japan. As you know incredible earthquake and subsequent
> Tsunami, the scale of which has never happened for hundreds years, has
> attacked Japan on March 11. More than 20 thousands of peoples are killed
> by this disaster and even now many victims are dieing being unable to
> extend a helping hand. Furthermore Tsunmai attacked Fukusima's nuclear
> reactors and residents within 30 km are evacuated due to radiational
> contamination. Through disparate effort thousands of fuel rods are
> successfully cooling down well, but straggling will still continue now.
> Japan faces triple crisis; earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disaster, which
> have been never happened in our history after the second World War. Tohoku
> University in Sendai  has suffered incredible damage by this earthquake.
> Though actual damage is not clear yet, I think it takes more than decade
> until complete reconstruction. Synchrotron radiation facility of KEK
> Tsukuba also seems to suffer serious damage. XAFS researchers in Japan now
> face to a unprecedented difficulty.
>  I guess the damage of this disaster in Japan amounts total about 5 x 10^6
> million US$. I believe Japanese can concur this disaster in future. But we
> need help to save numerous victims due to earthquake,Tsunami and nuclear
> disasters and need to help for reconstruction. I wish  the colleges of
> XAFS in the world to notice this serious situation in Japan and I wish to
> appeal to other people to help Japanese. Thank you for your collaboration.
> Makoto Matsuura
> IMR, Tohoku University


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