[Ifeffit] Align spectra in Athena

Dave davidmorse00 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 09:11:08 CDT 2011

Hi list,
Doing my first steps in your world, I am trying to model my data. 
I am following Kelly's helpful review from 2008 and stuck on apparently simple 
In order to reduce my deltaE0 (now 9.2), following her advise, I am trying to 
recall the theoretical spectrum from Artemis to Athena; this was produced by 
filtering and fitting my data according to the first shell, then fixing all 
parameters to their best fit, except for enot set to zero, making a sum of all 
paths under these conditions, saving it as a chi(k) and take it to Athena. Here, 
to my understanding, I suppose to introduce the 'new-made' chi(k) as a standard 
and align my data accordingly, save it as a chi(k) and take it back to Artemis
to complete the fitting. Unfortunately I cannot make it a standard in Athena, 
since the whole background options are not available when a chi file is called 
Can someone give a hint? Suggest other ways to better choose E0?


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