[Ifeffit] FEFF6L.02 - missing path?

Pawel Zajdel pawel.zajdel at us.edu.pl
Fri Jul 29 12:59:36 CDT 2011

Hi Matt,

OK, I got the point and it is clear now.


> As you've probably read in the Feff documentation, Feff has a couple
> of filters that it uses: one fast and less accurate to eliminate
> really unimportant scattering paths to make the path-finding mechanism
> more efficient, and one slightly more accurate one to decide later
> which paths to calculate the EXAFS for.  At this point, both of these
> optimizations seems less-than-critical, and just turning them off
> completely (CRITERIA 0 0) is not so bad, especially for moderately
> ordered systems like your crystal structure.

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