[Ifeffit] problems in installing PGPLOT in UBUNTU

Enyuan Hu bearcharge at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 12:10:44 CDT 2011

Dear Matt,

I checked the log file but didn't see any error message. I don't know if
it's because I succeeded in installing Athena and Artemis following Carlo's
suggestion and the log file is thereby updated. Here's the content of the
log file:

# PGPLOT install log
# system =  linux  ==  linux g77_gcc
# prefix =  /usr/local/
# fortran compiler =  gfortran
gzip -dc  pgplot5.2.tar.gz | tar xf -
mkdir -p /usr/local//share/ifeffit/pgplot/
# driver.list written to   /usr/local//share/ifeffit/pgplot//drivers.list
# starting build

cd  /usr/local//share/ifeffit/pgplot//
rm -f grfont.dat pgplot.doc pgxwin_server lib*pgplot* pgdemo*
/home/enyuan/ifeffit-1.2.11d/pgplot linux g77_gcc
# customizing grgil.f for ifeffit
sed 's|/usr/local/pgplot/|/usr/local//share/ifeffit/pgplot/|g'
/home/enyuan/ifeffit-1.2.11d/pgplot/src/grgfil.f >
mv makefile Tmp
sed 's|grgfil|grgfil_iff|g' Tmp > makefile
sed 's|libpgplot|libpgplot_iff|g' makefile > Tmp
sed 's|-lpgplot|-lpgplot_iff|g'   Tmp > makefile
# customizing xwdriv.c for ifeffit
 sed 's|getenv("PGPLOT_DIR")|'"/usr/local//share/ifeffit/pgplot/"'|g'
/home/enyuan/ifeffit-1.2.11d/pgplot/drivers/xwdriv.c >
mv makefile Tmp
sed 's|xwdriv|xwdriv_iff|g' Tmp > makefile
# fix png driver
mv makefile Tmp
sed 's|pndriv.o : ./png.h|#### pndriv.o : ./png.h|g' Tmp > makefile
make FCOMPL= gfortran FFLAGC=-O1 libpgplot_iff.a
make FCOMPL= gfortran grfont.dat prog pgplot.doc pgxwin_server cpg
make clean  "

I hope the length is not too bothering and thank you very much for the help!

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