[Ifeffit] Liquid gold-Latex suspension measurements

Julian Kaiser Julian.Kaiser at helmholtz-berlin.de
Fri Jan 14 03:20:08 CST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to measure some Gold-Nanoparticles that are embedded in a
kind of polymer-matrix consisting of a polystyrene-core and some
The total amount of gold in the suspension will be 0.025-0.05 percent by
The idea is to place the sample in a polystyrene cuvette with
approximately 1 mm diameter (sample) and (2x) 1 mm (polystyrene).
We've tried once to measure in transmission mode, where we had some
problems maybe due to the absorption of water and polystyrene.
Measurements in fluorescence mode might also cause problems by
self-absorption and the absorption of the polystyrene again.

Does anybody have good experience with liquid measurements of diluted

Best regards,


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