[Ifeffit] Looking for reviewers for first chapter of new XAFS book

Scott Calvin scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu
Sat Dec 17 11:42:15 CST 2011

OK, this one really is meant for the whole list. :)

I chided Dalton for accidentally sending to the whole list...in a message that accidentally went to the whole list. Maria Elena sends a message, meant just for me, letting me know that I accidentally posted to the whole list, and inadvertently posts that to the whole list.

Checking the "To" field before hitting send is apparently too difficult for Ph.D.'s in science to do reliably, and having made that mistake twice in the same year despite telling myself to double-check, I'm a prime offender.

In any case, I now have a large enough pool of reviewers for the book. For future chapters, instead of posting here I'll send an announcement directly to people who have reviewed for me before. If anyone would like to be added to that list, even if they're not available to review currently, please email me directly at SCalvin at slc.edu<mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu> (that's SCalvin at slc.edu<http://slc.edu> for those of you reading the Mail Archives version).

I apologize for spamming all of you with a 1+ MB file. For those who celebrate this season in any way, Happy Holidays! And for those of you who don't, may you be happy as well!


On Dec 17, 2011, at 12:16 PM, María Elena Montero Cabrera wrote:

Hello Scott!
I have noticed your invitation to review your "first" chapter, and I have been hesitant to accept it, for I am behind in my work. However, it is interesting for me and I accept it in principle. Another thing I want you to notice is that you have sent the chapter, I think inadvertently, to the entire IFEFFIT discussion list. Or I have been included in the list of reviewers since I did one of them?
Best regards
   Maria Elena

2011/12/16 Scott Calvin <scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu<mailto:scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu>>
Hi Dalton,

Good to have you aboard!

I'm attaching the review packet. The page numbering is a bit chaotic, because it's actually several documents stitched together:

 *   The copyright notice. My publisher is allowing me to distribute review copies, but only on the condition that reviewers not redistribute them.
 *   An excerpt from the preface explaining the origin of the cartoon characters. (Yes, there are cartoon characters...)
 *   An introduction to the cartoon characters.
 *   Chapter 1. This is a draft version, and does not have the appearance of the final version. In particular, to make the file size manageable, the figures are lower resolution than they will be in the final version, and some of the graphs get a bit muddy. Page breaks and line spacing also do not correspond to the final version.

In the chapter, I've placed numbers along the margin to aid in making comments. For example, you might have a comment on page 12, lines 6-7. The numbers won't appear in the final version. Also, please use the page numbers at the bottom (rather than the page numbers of the PDF file).

If you have any questions about the context of the chapter, the intended audience, or whatever, feel free to ask!

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

P.S. Make sure you send email related to this chapter to my address directly, and not to the Ifeffit list.

On Dec 14, 2011, at 2:39 PM, daltonabdala at gmail.com<mailto:daltonabdala at gmail.com><mailto:daltonabdala at gmail.com<mailto:daltonabdala at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Scott,

I'd be willing to review this chapter. Just to touch base, we met each other at SSRL last May. I'm a PhD student at Dr. Sparks research group doing research on P-EXAFS.

Thank you,


On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Scott Calvin <scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu<mailto:scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu><mailto:scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu<mailto:scalvin at sarahlawrence.edu>>> wrote:
Hi all,

I have finally written the opening chapter of the XAFS textbook I'm working on. This is an introduction and overview, about 30 pages in length. It is (hopefully!) suitable for beginners, although more expert opinions are also welcome.

If you are interested in reviewing the chapter and can get feedback to me by 9 January, please contact me directly at SCalvin at slc.edu<mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu><mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu<mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu>><mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu<mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu><mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu<mailto:SCalvin at slc.edu>>> . As always, repeat reviewers are welcome!

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

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