[Ifeffit] Problem with running FEFF in Artemis

Jatinkumar Rana jatinkumar.rana at helmholtz-berlin.de
Fri Apr 15 08:14:00 CDT 2011

Dear Ifeffit users,

  I am facing a strange problem in running ATOMS for the "F d-3 m" space 
group. It gives me following message :

  "F d -3 m" appears in the International Tables with
   multiple choices of origin.  If the atoms list seems wrong, you
   should use a shift vector of:
     -0.125, -0.125, -0.125

After i add shift vector on ATOMS page and run FEFF in ARTEMIS, it gives 
me error and shows that many pairs of atoms are close together. The 
crystallographic data used to run FEFF were obtained using Neutron 
diffraction experiments. I do not understand the reason for this since i 
have never come across such a problem.

Can anyone help me to comeout of this problem ?

I have attached the Artemis project file with this mail for further detail.

With best regards,
Jatin Rana

Jatinkumar Rana

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