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Sven Schroeder S.Schroeder at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Apr 12 05:40:07 CDT 2011

Dear all

I would be grateful if you could bring this XAS/XPS post to the attention of suitable candidates. The post has been funded for 30 months and is available from 1 June 2011.

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Research Associate (fixed term):
Experimental and Computational Soft X-ray Spectroscopy (NEXAFS, XPS) of Corrosion Inhibition with Organic Molecules

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester
Closing date: 06/05/2011

We are seeking to employ a Research Associate within the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science (CEAS) on a full-time basis. The post is fixed-term for a period of 30 months commencing 1st June 2011.

This post requires a PhD or equivalent in a relevant discipline (not limited to Physics or Chemistry) based on research in fundamental surface science or catalysis using ultra-high vacuum techniques. Experience with using ab initio soft X-ray spectroscopy data analysis packages such as StoBe, FEFF, CASTEP or similar methods is required.

The project focuses on fundamental physicochemical studies of model surface systems in an industrially led project that involves organic chemists, computational chemists and chemical engineers at the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP). As such it requires a candidate with the ability to work both on their own initiative as well as a part of teams of varying size, and an ability to travel globally and regularly. Candidates should have an interest in working across the boundary between fundamental academic science and its practical application. Relevant peer-reviewed publications and experience in writing manuscripts for academic journal publications are essential. The candidate will take the lead in analysing the spectroscopic results through a combination of molecular modelling and calculations of core level shifts as well as associated X-ray absorption spectra. He/she will also be responsible for producing reports and presentations, and taking the lead in writing manuscripts for publications. On a day to day basis he/she will liaise directly with relevant contacts at IMP and within the University. Previous experience of operating NEXAFS and XPS equipment on a day to day basis, including minor repairs and vacuum management, would be an advantage.

This work will include examination of these corrosion inhibitor/surface systems in simulated real-world environments, using equipment accessible at synchrotron radiation sources in the US and in Europe. The successful candidate will be integrated in the Manchester team, together with another project scientist and the Manchester investigators. He/she will contribute to applications for synchrotron radiation access and logistic coordinating of synchrotron radiation (SR) experiments and act as team leader during SR beamtimes. He/she will also carry out (or supervise) supporting measurements with home laboratory techniques (for example XRD, FTIR, electron microscopies, electrochemical techniques etc).

The project requires quarterly reporting and presentations both in project meetings with the industrial partner and at academic conferences. Liaison with relevant contacts at the Mexican partner institute and participation in consortium project meetings twice a year will be required.

The post is fixed-term for 30 months, available from 1st June 2011.

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