[Ifeffit] iXAFS for Mac OS X

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Sep 3 22:08:57 CDT 2010

Hi Folks,

With help from Ken McIvor and Jeff Terry,  I've built a new version of
iXAFS for Mac OS X.  This version should be considered experimental,
but for the brave and/or foolhardy please try it out and let us know
how it works. This version offers the latest versions of Athena,
Artemis, and Hephaestus, and the latest version of Ifeffit.    It is
meant to be universal (for x86_64, i386, and ppc), though I have not
fully tested this.

The download is fairly large (~74Mb), mostly because it includes a
full distribution of Perl built right in (so it doesn't interfere with
the system Perl).  It also provides a "complete" Unix shell-like
environment that can be used for those who need it.  For example, a
python module is included that can be installed.

The disk image is at
http://cars9.uchicago.edu/~ifeffit/src/iXAFS3.0.dmg   This should be
able to be installed by dragging the iXAFS application to any folder.

To use the Unix shell, you'd put
   . /Applications/iXAFS.app/Contents/Resources/local/bin/iff_init.sh

in your .profile or from a bash Terminal command prompt (assuming you
installed to /Applications/).  To  install the Python module,  first
run iff_init.sh above, then
copy and unpack
and run 'python setup.py install'.

Again, this should be considered a beta release.  Please be willing to
look for and report problems.



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