[Ifeffit] ATHENA: \\\"you have not used any memory yet\\\"

Claire Gervais gervais.claire at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 08:23:47 CDT 2010

Dear Bruce,

You know what...?

There are some times in which life could be much more simple if one
would be a little bit more persevering...

- I did try to move the window to see the bottom of it (it was
actually my first trial, even before contacting you). But the OK
button was not there.
- I did try to reduce by 1pt all the fonts so that the window was just
at the border of my screen. But the OK button was still not there.
- After your email, I tried to reduce the fonts by 2pts which gives me
a tiny tiny window, but ... with an OK button at the bottom!

Sorry about all this story for a problem of window and font size, but
I really thought that I made all things possible from my side.

Thanks a LOT for your help!


On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Bruce Ravel <bravel at bnl.gov> wrote:
> On Monday 19 July 2010 03:24:06 am Claire Gervais wrote:
>> Thanks for your help, I indeed tried what you have suggested but
>> unfortunately without success.
>> Otherwise, I have tried to update ubuntu (to version 10.04 Lucid), but
>> it didn't help. I have also tried to install it on another 64bit
>> computer and it worked without any problem. So could it come from the
>> graphic card...?
>> I feel stuck for the moment, and any new idea is welcome!
> Claire,
> >From the screenshots you sent last week, it does not seem that
> anything unexpectedly wrong is happening.  You are certainly suffering
> from the inelegant screen management in Athena -- a problem I have
> discussed many times on the mailing list and which is the root cause
> for the problem discussed in Q13 at
> http://cars9.uchicago.edu/ifeffit/FAQ/HoraeQuestions.
> I am guessing that you are using a rather small laptop with a
> 16:9 aspect ratio -- that is wide and short compared to an old
> fashioned SVGA monitor.
> I am surprised that you were unable to make everything fit on the
> screen by reducing the font sizes as described in the FAQ.  I fairly
> often see the problem of the column selection dialog being too tall
> for the screen at the default font size.  Reducing all the fonts by 1
> or 2 point has always worked in the past in my observation.
> The immediate work-aroudn I can think of off the top of my head is
> inelegant, but should work.  In the linux windows managers, there is
> usually a key/mouse combination that will move a window.  It usually
> involves clicking somewhere in the window while holding down the Alt
> key (although you may need to look into your window behavior
> configurations).  If you do so and drag the window up, that should
> expose the OK button by moving the top of the window above the top of
> the screen.  (That is, I am confident that the OK button is there, it
> is just off the bottom of the screen.)  That's annoying, certainly,
> but it should get you over the hurdle.
> In the meantime, I will think about a better solution.
> B
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