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I think the xas of soil book has been mentioned on this list before.  
It contains a detailed example of theoretical modeling for background  
subtraction among other things.

Buena salud,

Chris Patridge

On Jul 16, 2010, at 3:33 AM, Abhijeet Gaur <abhijeetgaur9 at gmail.com>  

> Hi
>     Thanks for the quick response. As per the data collection range  
> is concerned, we have limitation of 300eV above the edge.
>     I think I had done data processing in Athena right. I know that  
> the peak at position less than 1 Angs can not be real but I am  
> unable to remove it by data processing in Athena. As per the model  
> is concerned I am attaching herewith feff calculation result and the  
> XRD results for different bondlengths of the sample. By comparing  
> them it seems that model is right.
>    On the other hand poor energy resolution is also one of the  
> reasons for this kind of results. I had alraedy read about this  Ei  
> component earlier in papers, but I am unable to follow the procedure  
> like how to calculate it using a known standard. From where I can  
> get literature related to this? It will be really helpfull.
> With regards
> Abhijeet Gaur
> <Feff clac K1.docx>
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