[Ifeffit] SIXPack : How to plot data file

Andrew acampo2 at tigers.lsu.edu
Mon Jan 25 12:57:03 CST 2010



I have used SixPack sometimes. The programming is a little less forgiving
than Athena and Artemis for inputting of data. What I would try if I were
you is first importing your data into Athena. I've only used this program
for PCA and LCF so I don't know if this will work for the other types of
analysis but this is what I do to get my data working. 


1)      Import the data into Athena (which requires that you specify your
mu0, muE)

2)      Click on the checkbox for the individual file that you want to make
"ready" for SixPack

3)      Go to file -> saved marked group to file as -> mu(E) .. (( if you
want to export it as normalized that is fine but make sure you do your
background subtraction, I still save it as a .mu in that case anyhow but I
just choose norm(E) instead of mu(E) ))

4)      Then Athena prompts you with "marked".. What you need to do is to
save it as a .mu file ((or .chi if you're doing EXAFS analysis, but I have
not done that so you're going to have to figure out how to do that if that's
what you're needing it for)).. So an example file name is one.mu.. (don't
put numbers in your file name, the compiler doesn't like it, i.e. cu2ostd.mu
is a bad file name)

5)      I prefer to remove the header files from the .mu file itself (the
stuff with the '#' symbol), I forget if this upsets the SixPack program.
Please see below for what type of file output that I have been able to use.


Then in the end you should have two columns, instead of the three that you
had in your mail that you sent to the list. If you want me to send you an
example file, just e-mail me. 


Example output of a file that I exported from Athena to imported into


  7068.0174      -0.18245200

  7068.9274      -0.18305700

  7070.0074      -0.18422800

  7070.9874      -0.18216700

  7071.9974      -0.18503600

  7072.8774      -0.18276100

  7074.0574      -0.18661000

  7075.1174      -0.18699300

  7076.0174      -0.18723800

  7076.9074      -0.18667400

  7077.9074      -0.18584000

  7079.0474      -0.19024300


I hope this helps!

Andrew Campos

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