[Ifeffit] iXAFS for OS X 10.6

フォンス ポール paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Sun Jan 24 18:03:05 CST 2010

   Hi Jeff,
	(A somewhat belated) happy new year.  I was at the APS recently and  
it so happened that Bruce was using sector 20 right before me.  I was  
curious about the version of ixafs for snow leopard and if there was  
any way that I might be of some help to you (Bruce mentioned your  
surgery).  I also noticed your note (just now) on the ifeffit list  
about wanting to run a beta.  I would be glad to help out in this  
regard (I have been postponing the upgrade to snow leopard up to this  
point as ixafs is a must have for me.  Thanks for your efforts.


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