[Ifeffit] SIXPack: How to load a data file

Abhijeet Gaur abhijeetgaur9 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 03:25:11 CST 2010

Hi all,
         I am doing some data analysis of XANES as well as EXAFS data using
data analysis software SIXPack. I am not able to load any data file to get
the spectra plotted. I used E and mu(E) data format file. Also I try to open
E, I0, It data format file but still not able to open or plot any data. I
also tried to open the example data given with the programm, but got the
same result. I had gone through the SIXPack Documentation, but not able to
get how to load a data file. If someone can please guide me, I will be very

with regards
Vijay Hinge
School of Studies in Physics
Vikram University, Ujjain (INDIA)
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