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Thank Anatoly.

Do you know J.penner-Hahn's e-mail or exact reference name?

I cant find his paper in search site. 

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There was a paper by J. Penner-Hahn et al. studying ZnCl2 by EXAFS and using it to demonstrate the quadrupole (1s-3d) transition by analyzing angular dependence of pre-edge features of Zn K-edge. You may contact him directly for exact reference.

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Hi all
I have a question for XANES of Zinc compounds.
It is known that the pre-edge for Zinc k-edge generally doesnt exist because 3d state of Zinc atom is occupied.
However, I got it from ZnMgO with wurtzite structure. 4 oxygen in first shell and 12 zinc in second shell are located around Absorbing atom, Zinc in wurtzite structure.
And then I know that some Mg atoms are replaced on zinc site from EXAFS.  
I wonder the reason for the appearence of pre-edge. Is it structural problem? or substituted Mg?
If anybody know reference papers for pre-edge of zinc K-edge, Please answer me.

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